Why Should You Keep a Defibrillator in Your Workplace?

When you create a workplace, you want to ensure the space is safe and welcoming. Your employees should feel like working at the office without any worry. Meanwhile, every organisation, no matter their work, must keep equipment that can come in handy when faced with an emergency, and medical aid is one of them. And one product that has become quite prevalent in recent times is the Automated External Defibrillation device or AED.

So, if you have set up a new workspace and are wondering how to improve the place’s safety, here’s a list of benefits of keeping defibrillators as part of your medical kit.

#1 They Help in Times of Emergencies

AEDs are used when a person suffers from a heart attack or arrhythmia, which means irregular heartbeat. During such circumstances, waiting for an ambulance to arrive or rushing to a hospital might not be the most helpful option since there’s very little time in hand. So, a defibrillating device can help bring the heartbeat back to normal, or if the heart has stopped beating, it can make it beat again.

#2 They Are Essential for Heavy-Duty Work

Keeping a defibrillation device can be beneficial if your workplace deals with heavier goods and your employees constantly lift bulky items. Such professions are riskier than others, so ensuring these spaces are especially safe is crucial.

#3 They Are Easy to Use

The best part about defibrillators is that they are easy to use. Ordinary people can administer them, and the device is designed to ensure that during times of emergency, no one has to face any hassle while using the product. The machines usually come with precise instructions; all the person has to do is follow the instructions to the dot.

#4 They Are Portable

Another benefit of these machines is that they are portable, lightweight and compact. They’re usually battery-operated, so you don’t have to worry about any risks involved with charging them. They are also highly durable and safe to use, and as long as the user reads instructions carefully, no one will be unnecessarily harmed.

#5 They Increase the Chances of Survival

Defibrillators have become essential in many public places today. Not only because they are easy to use but because they have shown results. Many people have survived heart attacks after being administered an AED. A report once showed that 95% of people who suffer from a heart attack die on their way to the hospital. But with a defib in hand, no one has to worry about that. Moreover, using AEDs can increase the chances of survival by 60%.

Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death today, and many young people are the victims. It is such a horrible occurrence because no one is ever prepared for it. So, people must take care of their health to avoid such unfortunate incidents. Eating well, taking care of one’s body, meditating, and taking a break once in a while is as important as working.

Your workplace shouldn’t be a place of worry, either. So, keep the place equipped with the necessary instruments to come in handy and make the place safer. And to learn more about AEDs, you can learn how they work and use them. There are different kinds available, too, so you can choose the one that works best for your organisation.

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