Why Is Big Bash League Of Australia So Popular?

The T20 format has become popular because it gives more thriller than any other format and is more glamorous and not dull, like the test and ODI format. Many cricket boards have introduced their T20 franchise-based leagues in their country after seeing the increasing popularity of this format. But each of the leagues has not become pretty popular, like the IPL of India, BBL of Australia, and to some extent, CPL of the West Indies. 

The Big Bash League(BBL) is among the world’s most loved and watched T20 leagues, and it is only behind the IPL regarding viewership and sponsorships. The most crucial reason behind the success of BBL is the participation of several great players from various countries. 

But there are many other factors also that make BBL so much popular among people. The quality of T20 leagues depends on the player’s performances, but any league’s popularity growth depends on various factors. Especially in India, where cricket is the blood of every people, after IPL, BBL has the most viewers as per big bash news update.

The following is the list of probable factors for which BBL has touched this excellent height today. 

  1. Innovations

After the success of the Women’s World Cup, women’s cricket has gained much popularity among people worldwide. In 2015, BBL predicted that this could happen and introduced the Women’s Big Bash League(WBBL). In the WBBL, the teams are the same as in men’s BBL, and the introduction of this WBBL can become a masterstroke for them in the future. 

This type of league, especially for women’s cricketers, is still not introduced by any league worldwide. But after seeing the initial success of WBBL, many cricket boards of various countries are also trying to introduce this concept in their country. 

Apart from the introduction of WBBL, BBL has also introduced many other innovations in their leagues, which makes this league a grand success worldwide. Though the BBL seasons sometimes collide with Australian international fixtures. 

The entire BBL and WBBL is telecast for free not only in Australia but in several other countries to make it a popular venture, and also, the whole experience of this league is top-notch. A grand fireworks show, lighting, camera works, and dance performances make this league stand above most others. 

  1. Involvement Of Stars

Many say that BBL is not as lucrative as IPL because many famous Indian stars are absent. But apart from Indian stars, BBL has been able to get many other stars from several nations to play in their league, which is also not a small thing to do. These stars are also quite capable of attracting viewers from all parts of the world because of their reputation and performances over the years. Some of these star players also play in IPL and are quiet for their respective teams. 

Cricketers from Pakistan are not allowed to play in the IPL but can play in BBL, which is a slight edge for the BBL because Pakistan has some of the best players in this format and also they have a large fan following worldwide. 

You will never see Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma or Shreyas Iyer play in this league, but the performances that many talented young Australians give also make this league unique from the others. 

  1. Popularity Among Locals

When a stadium is full of crowds cheering for their teams at their loudest, it gives an entirely thrilling experience to every viewer. Producers of various leagues turn the crowd cheering volumes to engage their users more with the match. A stadium full of crowds in every game is the most important thing to make a league successful. 

In the 2016-17 edition, BBL became the 7th most attended league worldwide across all types of sports. Tough IPL has the most audiences all year, but BBL is not that far and is the second most attended league by the crowd in the cricketing world. IPL runs for a more extended period than BBL every year; if you consider this, then BBL is only a few thousand low. The average attendance of IPL is 32,000, while BBL has 30,000, which means there is only a 2000 attendance gap every year between the two leagues. 

  1. The Concept Of The Tournament

The concept of the BBL is unique from the rest of the others. The IPL has 60 games played by ten teams for almost two months a year in continuous, and BBL is only about 43 games, but eight teams play against each other, and the entire league runs for six weeks in the whole year. 

In IPL, the matches are played on a daily basis, but in BBL, matches are scheduled by maintaining gaps of 1-2 days between every game. These small strategies help the viewers maintain interest in the league and not make it monotonous. 

BBL is made quite strategically, keeping all the things in mind. All these clever strategies make this league the second most favorite list worldwide. 

  1. Timings

No league can make matches suitable to watch from every corner of the world. But BBL has done perfectly. 

The majority of cricket fans are either from the European side or from Asia. In BBL, the matches start in the morning for the European side and in the afternoon for the Asian crowds, allowing the viewers to watch at their suitable time. This strategy makes BBL more reachable to its viewers almost worldwide. 

After reading, it is pretty clear that many aspects make BBL a unique tournament worldwide. After combining all the strategies perfectly, BBL has become popular among people, and it has recently become so popular that most even follow big-bash league news updates regularly. 

Any tournament or league does not get famous overnight; it takes time. BBL is not that old compared to many other leagues, but it still touches a level many leagues cannot even think of. Seeing this league’s improvements, we can easily say that BBL has all the capabilities to become the number one T20 league in the world with IPL. 

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