Why Do Car Enthusiasts Prefer Driving Manual?

The appeal of a manual transmission is undeniable, but its shortcomings may turn some car enthusiasts off. Manual transmissions are less efficient and slower than the best automatic transmissions, and they can be a hassle to drive in stop-and-go traffic. Nonetheless, many car enthusiasts still prefer manual transmissions because they offer greater control and excitement while driving. Moreover, it is fun to heel-and-toe when you shift gears manually – the sound of the pedals being pressed together sounds fantastic.

The benefits of a manual transmission are numerous. Firstly, it’s cheaper. A new automatic transmission can cost as much as $1,000, while a manual one could cost just a few hundred dollars. Moreover, many drivers now avoid learning to drive a manual transmission because it is more expensive. Many budget bean counters also favor manual transmissions because they tend to cost less than their automatic counterparts. Plus, some car enthusiasts think manuals get better gas mileage than automatics.

Another major benefit of a manual transmission is the ability to control more advanced car handling. Drivers need to use a jab of the throttle to initiate a drift, lift off suddenly to induce oversteer, and feather the throttle to control mid-corner radius. In fact, most cars with manual transmissions are cheaper than their automatic counterparts if you choose to buy a manual. However, some models are priced the same, making the switch to a manual transmission worth it.

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