Which Crypto Currency Will Explode In 2022? A Prediction from KuCoin

Why Should We Use Crypto?

The world of crypto is expanding daily, and more and more users are joining crypto exchange platforms. The answer is less restricted regulations and freedom to trade at your own will, which attracts many users. To trade, you must buy some cryptocurrency and sell it on a crypto exchange platform. If you are looking for a suitable exchange platform, KuCoin must be your top choice. KuCoin exchange is used because of its super-friendly interface and minimal trading fees.

Moreover, KuCoin has trading bots that assist you in trading even in a volatile market. So, which crypto are we going to choose to trade? Let’s look at the crypto market capital and analyze which Crypto Currency will explore in 2022.

Crypto Currency To Watch

BTC is the largest and most stable cryptocurrency in the market capital. The 1 BTC price is equal to 23,983K USD with a market capital of 470.06 B dollars, having seen a 60% rise in its value. Apart from Bitcoin, several cryptocurrencies are showing signs of progression and have the most probability of going up in 2022. Apart from the traditional cryptos like Ethereum, C Cardano, SOL, USDT, Dogecoin,, which almost show signs of progression throughout the year and are likely to explode too in 2022, there are comparably new coins that show huge potential.


Apecoin is inspired by the NFT collection, the bored App Yacht Collection. The current value of 1 Apecoin is 6.9 $ but can reach 9$ at the end of the year. Apecoin is made up to support gaming, art, and entertainment following the rostrum of web 3.0. It’s good to keep Apecoin on the list of high progressing currencies.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is also an amazing coin with a valuer of 0.000012 $. However, the value of SHIB is relatively low as compaRE to other coins. It is also a meme coin just like Dogecoin and is sometimes refers as a Dogecoin killer. Launch in 2020, it has grabbed the attention of many investors and is expected to grow shortly.


XLM, also known as Stellar Lumens, is a cryptocurrency owned by Stellar, a decentralized blockchain. The value of 1 XLM is equal to 0.12$ and has a market capitalization of 6 B$. Launched in 2014, the XLM has become among the emerging cryptocurrencies of 2022. The XLM price is pretty stable; thus, after a good sign of progression, it has experienced a slight drop. However, the current recession is a normal trend, and the experts are pointing toward positive signs as other cryptocurrencies’ values are also increasing after a slow start.


The crypto industry is a mesmerizing world; if you play well, you can touch the sky, or you will be upside down. Apart from the cryptocurrencies mentioned above, many currencies will show positive figures. It is a good time to buy an emerging coin and start trading it on kuCoin. KuCoin is the best platform to buy such coins as it allows users to buy crypto coins using FIAT currencies, and users can also earn passive income through various methods. So make an account on KuCoin and start trading.

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