What to consider when buying Generators

Blackouts are the worst nightmare for most production companies. They can lead to huge losses hence the need for alternative energy sources. Even individuals dislike blackouts. That is where generators come in.

What is the use of a generator?

A generator uses fuel; normally, it converts the fuel energy into an electrical supply. They are normally the main backup at most points. To better understand generators let us go through their types.

Types of generators

Portable generators

Here are the main features to easily note about portable generators;

  • Most of them use gasoline, although a few selected ones may use liquid or natural gas.
  • Most can only power 120-240 volts appliances.
  • They can weather elements as they are built with highly tolerant parts.

Inverter generators

The following are the main features of the inverters.

  • They mostly only power 120 volts hence only power smaller appliances.
  • They mostly use gasoline.
  • These types are more speed efficient than portable generators. This is contributed by the fact that they adjust to the power needed.
  • They are tinier compared to portable generators; hence the generators can fit anywhere.

Standby generators

This system has a switch that automatically begins operations in the face of a power failure.

Notable characteristics include:

  • They are permanent and immobile.
  • They use gasoline, hybrid, liquid, and natural gas to operate.
  • Single-phase types are used on a small scale, while the three-phase model is used on a large scale.
  • Through an app on smartphones, it is now possible for people to track the generators’ status.
  • These generators perform weekly self-tests to ensure they are at their best.

Which is the best way to maintain a generator?

To maintain generators in Kenya, all you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. You also have to do these simple tasks:

  • Remove any dirt and waste that has accumulated.
  • Make sure the bolts are always right enough.
  • Check fuel level

Factors to Consider About When Selling Generators in Kenya

Condition of the machines

Always be aware of which machine condition is preferred by the market. New machines will do well in some markets. That means your store should always have new devices to sell. Some markets will benefit greatly from used machines. As a result, more of the same is recommended.

However, regardless of how much the condition demand varies, ensure your machines are always exceptional. If you’re dealing with used machines, ensure they’re always in good working order to get a good price.

Ease of Utilization and Upkeep

Different technologies are used to manufacture generators. When purchasing generators for your business, you should always choose simple models. This factor is because most people fear machines with complicated procedures that require close attention and care.

People will only purchase a generator if spare parts are affordable or readily available or if labor service is expensive. As a result, please ensure that all the generators you stock are simple to operate and that their maintenance is not a hassle.


In Kenya, the use of generators has increased significantly. As a result, purchasing a suitable generator is critical.

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