Weed and Feed For Lawns

Weeds are a problem that can make your lawn look unhealthy and unkempt. That’s why it’s essential to control them and prevent their spread.

Weed and feed is a type of lawn treatment that helps improve your grass’s health while killing off weeds. It can be used on both new and existing lawns.

What is Weed & Feed?

Weed and feed is a lawn fertilizer that also kills unwanted weeds. It can be used in either granular or liquid form.

Before applying any weed and feed product, you need to identify which type of grass you have. You can do this by reading the label.

Most weed and feed products include a mix of herbicides, which are designed to kill certain types of weeds, and fertilizers. Some weed and feed products combine a pre- and post-emergent herbicide.

Weed and feed products are most effective in spring or fall, when weeds are actively growing. However, they can be ineffective if applied in the wrong time or on the wrong turf.

How to Use Weed & Feed

Using weed and feed for lawns is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted weeds and boost your lawn’s health. However, it’s important to know how to use this product correctly.

Weed and feed works by combining a fertilizer with an herbicide that’s designed to control weeds without killing regular grass. It’s available in granular form and liquid form, which you can spray with a lawn sprayer.

Apply weed and feed in the spring when weeds are starting to pop up. You can also apply it again in fall if you notice that your lawn is in need of a little extra help.

During application, be sure to water your lawn to make sure the granules stick to the pesky weeds. Be sure to follow the instructions on your weed and feed package to ensure you are applying it at the right time.

Benefits of Weed & Feed

Weed and feed is a convenient lawn care product that kills weeds and fertilizes your lawn at the same time. The product comes in granules or liquid and is usually mixed with water before use.

Unlike herbicides that are applied to the entire lawn, granular weed and feed products are formulated for specific weed problems. These products are designed to be applied in late spring, when broadleaf weeds like dandelions are actively growing.

They are also more effective in fall, when weeds are trying to store energy in their roots and move nutrients from the leaves.

Some granular products will have temperature restrictions as well, so check with your local Cooperative Extension System office to find out what the recommended application times are.

While weed and feed is an easy, quick way to maintain your lawn, it should only be used when necessary and if you have the correct equipment and know how to properly apply it. Using the wrong amount or applying the weed and feed at the wrong time can be detrimental to your lawn and lead to unnecessary damage.

Cost of Weed & Feed

Weed and feed formulas are designed to provide essential nutrients to your grass, and they include herbicides that destroy weeds as they emerge. They’re a great way to keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, and they’re also safe for the environment.

The price of weed and feed varies depending on the type of fertilizer and weed killer formula you choose. Fertilizers are available in synthetic and organic varieties, and your lawn care professional will recommend the best one for you.

Synthetic fertilizers can cost $105 to $325 for a medium lawn, while organic ones are twice as expensive. It’s best to take a soil test to determine your specific needs, and talk with your lawn care professional about which fertilizer is right for you.

A pre-emergent treatment prevents weeds from growing in the first place. Magnificent Services charges $65 per application on a 1,000- to 5,000-square-foot lawn and $90 for an approximately 10,000-square-foot lawn.

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