Urban styling tips to aspire to this 2023

Fashion is ever changing and constantly innovating. It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and styling tips. 

From stacked pants to over-the-ear headphones, this article will cover some of the best trends of 2023 and urban styling tips to pull those looks off. 

By following these tips, readers can make sure that they are always in style and never make a fashion faux pas

Urban styling tips 

Here are some of the top urban styling tips for 2023. Readers should remember that rules are meant to be broken so the following do not have to be strictly followed.

Fashion is after all a creative art that individuals can use to express their own personality and unique style. Experimenting with fashion can help individuals find their own voice and style. 

For those who are a bit shy and do not want to experiment just yet, here are the top urban styling tips that they can start with. For those who know what their fashion identity is, they can look to this list to find the fashion trends that resonate with them. 

1.Sportswear or athleisure wear 

No matter what one is wearing, you can rarely go wrong in 2023 by styling it with a sportswear or athleisure wear item. 

Sportswear and athleisure items include sports shoes, joggers/sweatpants/stacked fit sweatpants or another type of sports pants, sports bra… There are also trendy joggers made of silk for a comfortable yet very chic look. 


Denim has been trendy for years now and is still very trendy in 2023. There is the option to style denim with another piece of denim which is also known as ‘denim on denim’. 

This is a popular fashion style and particularly to mess up because of how easy and straightforward it is. Even if the shades of denim are different or if they are exactly the same, the look can usually be pulled off easily.  

Some of the popular 2023 denim choices include jeans and denim jackets. 

3.Wide-leg pants

Just like denim clothing items, wide-leg pants have been around for a while. They were in and out of style for several decades until recently becoming trendy again. 

Now, wide-leg pants are in style and real street/urban fashion statements when paired with sneakers and hoodies. They can also be paired with t-shirts, crop tops and knitted sweaters depending on the desired style. 

For a chic look, wide-leg pants can also be paired with a nice blouse. 

4.Oversized blazers 

These are still in style and easy to source for those who have siblings, a partner, or parents who own a blazer. An oversized blazer can be paired with almost anything, from a skinny jean to wide-leg pants with a crop top underneath. 

For male wearers, they can style an oversized blazer with a skinny t-shirt underneath it or try to replicate Timothée Chalamet’s Oscars 2022 look. The star chose not to wear anything underneath his Louis Vuitton blazer to accentuate the shape and overall style of the cloth. 

5.Fun socks 

In 2023, one of the biggest urban styling trends and one of the most important tips is socks. Female wearers are choosing to wear colorful socks to bring attention to their footwear.

For example, some models have chosen to wear cute leather shoes with colorful socks in a very dark academia fashion style. Dark academia is very popular at the moment so definitely worth playing with its general aesthetic. 

6.Accessories like over-the-ear headphones and hair ribbons 

As mentioned before, accessories like over-the-ear headphones are surprisingly trendy despite the release of several small headphones like Apple’s Airpods. 

This new, more nostalgic trend is worth trying out for those who have old headphones lying around. 

Hair ribbons were very popular last year but still remain very trendy this year as well.  They are perfect items to accessorize and embellish one’s hairstyle and outfit.

Wearers can easily match the color of their hair ribbon with their general outfit to accentuate their look. They are also very affordable accessories for those on a tighter budget.

Final thoughts

This article explored and presented some of the top urban styling tips to aspire to in 2023.

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