Things That Make “Into the Wild” Our Favorite Film of All Times

Regarding screenplay, plot, cinematography, directing, dialogue, as well as narration, and music, “Into the Wild” is one of the best modern masterpieces. Although many of you may have seen it, there are still some individuals who haven’t seen Into the Wild, which is a movie we adore.

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The graphics of the film are one aspect that serves as both its central topic and a compelling reason to watch it. In terms of cinematography and visuals, Into the Wild is a film renowned for its scenery and visuals. Eric Gautier, the director of photography, captured all the beautiful views and moments. He captured nature in its most untamed and exquisite state, from all the serene moments to the raptures of nature.

The movie has a number of stunning scenes and landscapes, including mountains, valleys, hills, gorgeous skies, chaotic rivers, and lovely highways. The film explores all that nature has to offer, from the scorching desert near Salton City to the icy cold, arctic Alaska.

Is Based On True Events

The fact that Into the Wild is entirely based on a factual story is its strongest feature. The story is based on a real-life Chris whose body was found in 1993 and was largely written and discovered by Jon Krakauer.

In 1996, the complete story was published, and a movie was eventually produced. Through Chris’s family, friends, relatives, and the individuals he encountered along the route, Krakauer learned information for the book. The director strictly adhered to the book because it was their only source of knowledge.

The Protagonist Himself

The role of Chris McCandless is one of the things that dominate the film. Chris, the main character, eventually abandons society and his family to live in the wilderness. How Chris’s character changes over the course of the film is what distinguishes it and makes it worthwhile to watch. The fact that he is resolute and content with the life he has chosen throughout, from leaving home to finally arriving where he wants to be, is what makes it all remarkable.

Well, the character is just as complex as a lot of us. He might have harmed others who loved him in the conflict between right and wrong, but he put his mental health first.

Chris’ Courage

There is much more to life than wealth and fame, as we have previously explored, and not everyone desires the same things. While most of us fantasize about escaping from harmful social situations, Chris was courageous enough to carry out what we have been romanticizing all our lives. What we find Chris needing in life is a calm house. As not all of us have the fortitude to leave our secure lives behind and migrate to the wilderness, Chris’ actions were incredibly brave.

While Chris donates all of his money to charity, gives up his car, and burns all of his remaining funds before setting out on his Alaskan expedition, the rest of us are ensnared by money and possessions.

Eddie Vedder’s Music

The songs, which were all written by Eddie Vedder, Michael Brooke, and Kaki King, are all straightforward and perfectly reflect the tone of the movie. Chris can express himself in the lyrics of Eddie Vedder’s songs because they are so straightforward, unvarnished, and creative.

Each song fits nicely with the photography and plot, especially the characters, and the songs are direct in their messages. Eddie Vedder takes us inside Chris’s head, while Michael Brooke and Kaki King provide us with the ideal road trip mix.

Discusses Important Life Issues

The fact that “Into the Wild” tackles weighty life topics in the most exquisite manner is another reason why people enjoy watching it. Even the music is wonderful and conveys important life lessons while Chris is speaking via it.

When we hear the song “Society,” the movie takes us through some of the most gorgeous landscapes while also addressing how society mistreats its most attractive citizens in its lyrics. The song shows you everything that is lovely in life while talking about materialism, societal difficulties, and much more.

Similar to Chris, who is graduating and has his life and career planned out when we first meet him. He is not one of those children who must fight and make sacrifices in order to achieve the level of success that Chris has already achieved, but the movie shows us that not everyone desires the same kind of life. Chris moves out because he realizes that life is more than just wealth and money.

In addition, we are told that life is far more complex than materialism and money as we witness his parents’ constant squabbling.


We are utterly floored and in awe of Emile Hirsch’s performance in the film. The protagonist in Into the Wild is the kind of character who carries the bulk of the narrative. In one film, we witness Chris passing through a number of stages on his journey to manhood. We are deeply moved by the development and portrayal of his character throughout the film, and what makes it unique is that everyone can identify with Chris, thanks to Emile Hirsch’s superb and effortless acting.

Apart from that, William Hurt, Kristen Stewart, Marcia Gay Harden, and other supporting performers have all done a good job portraying their roles. The film’s exceptional cast is another factor in its universal acclaim.

Final Thoughts

Well, we’re confident you now understand why “Into the Wild” is one of the best contemporary classics. We hope this article was informative and you will add the film to your watch list.

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