Thai River Wonders – a Fun88 Slot Game with Majestic Graphics

A new name has just been updated by the Fun88 bookie into the game paradise. Many Fun88 brothers are still wondering about this game genre. Today’s article will answer for you about the slot machine with the title of Thai River Wonders Fun88

Overview of slot game Thai River Wonders Fun88

Thai River Wonders Fun88 is a slot game developed by the famous game publisher PG Soft. The inspiration for this game’s graphics is taken from the scene where people exchange goods on boats. Coming to the game, you seem to be transformed into small merchants, but full of bustle and fun. 

The game with brightly colored icons, purple and yellow are the main colors. The machine is set up with 6 reels and players have up to 2025 ways to win. In addition, the number of ways to win can go up to 32,400 if players take advantage of the bonus features. More bonuses will come to you as you get more winning spins.

The RTP rate for Thai River Wonders Fun88 is up 96.71%. This is considered quite a high level compared to the average rate of slot machines. The game has high volatility and gives players regular wins.

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How to win in Thai River Wonders Fun88 

The rules and gameplay of this bonus machine are very simple. Players press the command bar to start the bonus reels. Every 3 of the same symbols from left to right that is landed by the player will be counted as a win and the winnings will be paid out in proportion to your bet. In addition, in order to win more and increase bonuses, players need to know more about the following interesting things:

Icons in the slot game Thai River Wonders at Fun88  

Players need to know the bonus values ​​of each given symbol. As a result, it also increases your chances of winning more:

  • 10, J, Q, K, and A belong to the group of symbols with low payouts. It must be said that in the game Wonders of the River Thailand, these symbols pay low rewards. 
  • Next are the higher-paying symbols such as Peas, Purple Flowers, Vegetables, lemons, and plums.
  • The fish is the symbol that many brothers aim for the most. Because of its high payout ratio, your bonus is quite large. 
  • Wild you will see often on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 so you need to keep that in mind. 
  • The main Scatter icon in the game has a very special image. It was a girl rowing a boat on the river. Scrolls 2, 3, and 4 are where they are most commonly found. In 1 spin, if you destroy 4 of these symbols, the Free spin will be activated immediately. 

Cascade scrolling feature in Thai River Wonders Fun88 

This feature is often found in regular slot machines and this is the same with this slot. If you win on that spin, these symbols will be immediately disqualified. But the empty space will very quickly be filled with many other symbols. If you want to maintain this feature, you have to take down a lot of icons. Thanks to that, in just one spin, players can easily win many times.  

Sticky Wild in the Thai River Wonders slot Fun88

Sticky Wild active means the cascading feature will appear. On reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 you will see a silver mantle. But with the exception of Wild and Scatter, they will have a very unique image. As you spin the reels, these silver symbols can give you an easy win. Then, from the external image, the value of these icons will also change.

Thai River Wonders Free Spins Fun88

Free spins bring excitement to players. To activate the Free spin, the player must land a minimum of 4 Scatter. If successful, you will be awarded 12 free spins. If you land 4 more Scatter on the reels, 2 more spins will be awarded to you. 

In Free spins, the conversion from silver to gold and then to Wild is still done. However, the silver frames change to gold throughout the Free spin. Thanks to that, it is easy for you to land the Wild symbol to bring you a big reward. 

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Multiplier Free spin Thai River Wonders Fun88

This feature is not set up for all online slots. During the spin of this game, the player starts with a multiplier of 1. The multiplier will steadily increase by 1 after you win. The player’s bonus is also calculated by the multiplier. Even more amazing is that in-game operation, this multiplier is unlimited. 

In addition, the Free Spins feature allows players to buy with an x75 initial stake. 

FAQs about playing the Thai River Winders slot game at Fun88

Q: How many symbols are there in the slot game Thai River Wonders Fun88?

A: There are 10 different symbols in the game, including low-value cards (10, J, Q, K, and A), higher-paying icons (peas, purple flowers, vegetables, lemons, and plums), and a fish symbol with the highest payout ratio.

Q: Are coins essential for Fun88 slot games?

A: Yes. Coins are an important factor in playing Fun88 slot games, as they determine how much you will bet and also decide your chances of winning. The minimum bet is 0.01 coins per line and the maximum is 1 coin per line.

Q: Is there a Free Spin bonus feature in Fun88?

A: Yes. Fun88 offers a Free Spin bonus feature that is activated when four Scatter symbols land on the reels. The player will be awarded 12 free spins, and an additional two spins if four more Scatter symbols land on the reels.


Surely, this slot game Thai River Wonders Fun88 will quickly be joined by many players. Experience this game and become the leading player in today’s hot game trend.

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