Take Care of Your Johnnie Walker Bottle in 6 Steps

Whisky is an acquired taste that tastes grander with proper care and storage. With whisky, one can never get enough. The best way to enjoy it is by ordering two: one to pop open with your friends and another solely for your enjoyment. Once you buy Johnnie Walker online, you’ll probably finish the first bottle with your buddies and store the second one. Even though Scotch whisky is more flexible than other drinks, it is still a great idea to keep it correctly—the better the care, the finer the taste and quality.

Whether you open the second bottle after your friends leave or save it for Friday evening to celebrate the upcoming weekend, preserving your beloved malts is crucial.

Purchase a Cabinet

Though ideally, whisky feels at home in a liquor cellar, it is not easily accessible and requires resources and space. Getting a cabinet is ideal if a cellar is out of the question. Exposing whisky to direct sunlight can alter its composition, resulting in evaporation. Direct sunlight can also affect the whisky’s colour. Therefore, the best places for storing whisky bottles are cool, stable, and dark areas, such as cabinets.

Upright Position

Once you purchase a cabinet, the next step is storing your whisky upright. Unlike wine, whisky is kept vertically. Even though both are stored in cabinets, the key difference is their alcohol content. Wine’s alcohol content is lower than whisky. Therefore, when kept horizontally, wine coming in contact with the cork will not affect it.

On the other hand, due to whisky’s high alcohol quantity, it will dissolve the cork when exposed to it. Even the most experienced liquor connoisseurs make the mistake of treating whisky like wine. Both are fine drinks but stored differently!

Regulate the Temperature

Whiskies thrive in cool, dark, and stable environments. After you buy Johnnie Walker online, store it in a cabinet with a regulated temperature. The ideal temperature should be room temperature, so set it between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius or 59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure the temperature remains stable, as irregularities can disintegrate the cork.

For instance, high temperatures will expand the alcohol, causing it to touch the cork, dissolving the latter. Moreover, loose corks can evaporate the alcohol. Therefore, storing whisky at a cool and stable temperature is essential.

Humidity and Whisky are Incompatible

Along with avoiding high temperatures, ensure the cabinet is not in a humid location. Exposure to humidity damages the bottle, causing cracks, dissolving the label, or changing the bottle’s structure. Despite not affecting the liquor inside, the bottle’s condition plays a significant role in maintaining the whisky’s quality. Additionally, whisky bottles make for great presents; gifting a mouldy bottle might leave a sour taste or poor impression.

Avoid Dried Corks

Corks of whisky bottles should be neither too dry nor entirely exposed to alcohol. Holding the bottle upright ensures the cork remains slightly moist due to evaporation. However, too much evaporation can sometimes affect the cork, breaking or dissolving it, especially in unsealed bottles. In such cases, occasionally re-positioning the bottle—upside down or on its side—maintains the right balance of dryness and moisture.

Expiration Date

When left unopened, whisky lasts a lifetime. However, opened bottles have an expiration period of about half a year. Drinking your prized possession within six months is best to avoid evaporation or losing its flavour.

Wrapping Up

The next step after you buy Johnnie Walker online is keeping it well. Properly storing the bottle maintains its taste, flavour, and quality. Open your bottle, order some dark chocolate, and enjoy an evening of elegance and sophistication.

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