Shopping for a New Piano? Here’s What You Need to Know

Shopping for a new piano from a piano shop nearby can be an exciting process. With so many options and features, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice. This article will provide you with tips and tricks to help make your decision easier. From researching different types of pianos to making sure the size fits in your home, you’ll find yourself prepared for shopping with knowledge and confidence!

Types of Pianos

The first step in shopping for a new piano from a piano shop nearby is researching the different types available. Upright pianos are generally smaller than grand pianos, making them easier to move around and take up less space in a room. Grands come in several sizes, from baby grands that are about four feet long to concert grands that are nine feet long or longer! Digital pianos represent the newest technology in piano playing; they typically use weighted keys and onboard amplifiers to replicate the sound of an acoustic instrument.

Making Sure It Fits

Once you have chosen the type of piano from the piano shop nearby you’d like to purchase, you’ll need to make sure it fits into your home. Measure any potential spots beforehand to ensure that the instrument will not be too large or small for its designated area. Also consider any items that may need to be moved or taken out in order for the piano’s placement. It is important to remember that larger instruments require more space between them and other furniture pieces; otherwise, their sound may not project as it should due its proximity being blocked by another item!

Looking Out For Quality

Another important aspect when shopping for a new piano is looking out for quality construction. Take time inspecting all parts of the instrument before purchasing: check for scratches or dents on top surfaces; look closely at each key (make sure none are stuck); listen carefully as notes are pressed (a buzz could indicate something amiss within interior mechanics); feel how weights reciprocate when pressing keys (make sure all remain even). Additionally, if buying from a pre-owned store or online ad, ensure entire components—including stands & benches—are included before completing purchase!

Find A Technician Before Buying

Before committing fully, contact a qualified technician who can inspect any potential purchases firsthand; ask them questions about their experience with this particular brand/model & if there’s anything they’d recommend against buying based on wear & tear seen during through visual inspection alone too – these steps serve crucial when investing serious amounts into large gear like professional grade pianos themselves too! Plus having access into certified opinion beforehand helps add clarity onto whether said choice would end up being satisfying throughout years to come instead of immediately regretting post-purchase months afterwards…

Play Around A Bit

Finally, once securing shortlisted options from a – take some time actually playing each instrument itself – regardless whether uncomfortable with current ‘level’ or not -listen closely how specific notes resonate compared others nearby – feel tactile feedback from surface whilst pressing different keys individually afterwards too – things which offer expressive insight into pieces rather than mere utilitarian ones thereby giving whole ‘buying experience’ much needed emotional depth which could only truly been experienced than described besides!


In conclusion, purchasing a new piano from a piano shop nearby requires research, consideration, and an understanding of the instrument itself. From determining the type of piano you’d like to making sure it fits perfectly in your home, there is a lot to consider. Make sure to take time inspecting all parts of the instrument before committing fully, and be sure to have a qualified technician inspect any potential purchases. Additionally, don’t forget to play around with each instrument before deciding – only then will you be able to identify which one best suits your needs!

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