Nose surgery that helps build confidence in men

The most popular surgery is the nose because the nose for men is an important part of their image. Because it is the same standard of beauty as a woman’s eye. Men, even with small eyes, still look attractive. But if a flat nose becomes an inferiority complex, men’s nose surgery is different from that of women’s. 

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Because there is a structure of a large nose bridge and a thicker nose tip. So it’s hard to make big changes. For men, there is a bone between the eyebrows. Just adding a little bridge to the nose will make it look much cooler. The key to nose surgery for men is that the bridge of the nose is straight from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose.

Straight Nose Surgery for Men / Prosthesis

Most men’s rhinoplasty is a prosthesis. It is divided into incisions inside the nose and at the base of the nose. Incisions in the inside of the nose will not have any visible wounds outside. because it is hidden in the nostrils However, it is not suitable for cases where the nose tip is very flat, the nose is bent, or the nose is upturned because it is difficult to operate. Incisions can be made on the inside of the nose, so it can only be done in cases where the tip of the nose is already well-shaped. For prosthesis by incision at the base of the nose, cartilage is often added. This is a surgery where the entire structure of the nose can be seen. Therefore, it is suitable for cases where the tip of the nose is corrected or the cartilage blocking the nose wall is required.

Crooked or crooked nose surgery

Men tend to have more bent or crooked noses than women. Maybe because of a nose injury since childhood. and not receiving proper treatment The nose grows deformed. Crooked nose can be solved by cutting off the button at the bridge of the nose. Then cut the bone under the nose horizontally and tie or add a thin prosthesis such as silicone. The deformed nose can be corrected by cutting the bridge of the nose and straightening the cartilage between the wall of the nose. A protruding nose and a crooked nose are not the only external problems. But there is also a chance to cause health problems such as rhinitis, so it should be solved.

oriental face vs international face

In the past, when talking about “Surgery”, we often thought of changing the face to look like a western doll. But now, it’s not just about making big round eyes and slender noses. oriental beauty And the faces that are featured are more popular. with a social trend that focuses on individual characteristics The natural oriental face looks more pleasing than the identical Barbie style. The era of trying to follow the style of foreign beauties has passed. Now is the era of revealing the charm of oriental beauty.

In fact, there are now many celebrities who are more eye-catching with their oriental looks. Oriental beauty is a characteristic that feels familiar and enchanting. we can find The definition of an oriental face that is “Ammot” during this period from the stars

Olympic figure skating gold medalist Kim Yeon Ah is one of the superstars that have captured the hearts of South Koreans. Of course, her love from Koreans is because she is a disciplined and talented athlete. She has been called the world’s number one “Ice Skating Queen” and in advertising she is also a “Queen” for her undeniable beauty.

Kim Yeonah has long, slender eyes without layers, thick eyelids, a long neck, a slightly nosed mouth that blends in perfectly with her clean skin. oriental softness Narrow forehead and puffy cheeks make it look more charming. The tight, pulled-back hairstyle makes the neckline stand out. Feel the beauty of the orient

Tang Wei, a Chinese actress who has received overwhelming love from Koreans. Her acting in the movie “Late Autumn” has made the Koreans even more attached to her.

Tang Wei had long, oval eyes and the corners of his eyes drooped slightly. double eyelid drooping in The eyelids are divided into two types: in-line (Eastern) and western (out-line) bilayers. double eyelid drooping in The folded point is slightly hidden around the inner corner of the eye. As for double eyelids, the entire eyelid can be seen from the beginning of the eye to the corner of the eye. Tang Wei’s drooping double eyelids were those that looked natural to the Easterners. Her nose was a good height and the tip of the nose was slightly thick. Makes the face look gentle, not harsh, even though the face is round, but the chin is pointed, making it look feminine. They also look at children.

In addition, many celebrities are popular with their oriental looks, such as Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In, Wonder Girls’ Sohee, f(x)’s Sulli, and so on. like anyone And make-up that accentuates the eyes is a glamorous white drawing paper that can be transformed. Depending on how to decorate it, just emphasize the oriental look. and his own little nose to become a strength

So are male stars. This era is the era of celebrities with oriental charm. It has long, double oval eyes that hide in it. These eyes look polite. Without feeling awkward or boring It also attracts girls.

Most oriental eyes have no inherent eyelids, elongated eyes, and are wide. Unique little vertical Whereas Western eyes have thick eyelids both vertically and horizontally, the eyes don’t look uncomfortable.

Easterners don’t have as prominent nose bridges as Westerners. The flexibility of the cartilage at the wing of the nose is less. The flesh at the tip of the nose is thick. The tip of the nose looks round. A prominent nose with natural curves from the ridge to the tip of the nose is the nose of an oriental beauty.

Thin but straight lips show an oriental beauty. They also look smart. But still have plastic surgery to make the lips thicker with volume to make them look healthy and sexy.

When doing surgery You have to define an image that suits your face. To get natural results and not have to modify it because I don’t like it again. Should analyze how to enhance the distinctive features of the original face. How will the overall image be modified? How to make the surgery part fit naturally with other parts?

Finally, before deciding to have surgery You should know that you are suitable for eastern or western style once you have analyzed all the desired face shapes. Therefore, gradually determine the direction of surgery to achieve satisfactory results.

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