Merge Videos on Computer for Free and Easily With iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is a free desktop screen recorder that captures desktop video in full screen or picture-in-picture mode. It supports recording webcam videos, YouTube videos, music tracks, online courses and more for added convenience.

iTop Screen Recorder also gives you the power of editing with a variety of tools. You can add stickers, text, effects, transitions and filters to customize your videos for even further impact.

If you need to unir videos on your computer for free and effortlessly, iTop Screen Recorder is the ideal solution. Besides being a professional screen recorder, it also comes with a video editing tool. It is user-friendly, equipped with a basic video editor and compatible with various formats.

Merging Multiple Videos

To merge multiple videos, you need to download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your computer first. Then open the software and open the video editor on the main interface.

In the new video editing window that appears, add the videos you want to combine to the media library and drag them to the timeline in the order you want to display them. At this point, the videos have been successfully merged.

If you need to change the length of each video, add filters and transitions, etc., iTop’s video editor can also help you do it.

Besides merging videos, the video editor of iTop Screen Recorder has many video editing functions.

Trimming Videos

By trimming the content of the video, you can remove unnecessary parts and ensure that only the useful parts of the video are kept, so as to attract the attention of the audience more and keep them watching for a long time.

To trim videos, launch iTop Screen Recorder and click the video editor button. Open the video to be trimmed in the video editor interface, and drag it to the timeline. Adjust the start and end sliders to change when the video starts and ends.

Drag the video on the progress bar to select a segment from the video, the selected segment will be deleted, and all remaining content will be saved to the new video.

Once you’re happy with the results, click Save, which will export your trimmed video into another file.

Editing Videos

Editing your videos can make them look more attractive, you can add different stickers, text, filters and other elements to your videos.

iTop Screen Recorder includes a built-in video editor with which you can edit recorded videos or videos that already exist. Including adding stickers, text, filters, transitions, background music to videos, and trimming videos.

Sharing Videos

The program also makes it easy to share videos to popular online video platforms or send them to others via email. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone who needs to record and share video on the social media.

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