How fast are rastar RC cars?

Thrill seeker, you want to drive a fast remote-control car, even more than your current model of remote-control car. Looking for a High Speed, high-speed RC model? All you have to do is choose your model because there are many cars of this type. For the happiness of children aged five and over and older boys. Here are some interesting hints and tips.

The maximum speed in remote control cars

You’re looking for a fastest rastar RC car, an RC that drives even faster than the models you’re racing now, and you’re right. Yes, because over time, it allows you to spice up your driving sessions even more at home, solo, with your son, your daughter or outdoors with your friends. And at the same time, you strengthen your performance and know-how while varying your experiences. But, like many fans of remote-controlled, electric, thermal, track cars, you wonder what the maximum speed of this type of machine is.

Several models qualify as High Speed, thus displaying a high speed. These are usually fast remote control cars with a speed of 50km/h to 120km/h. Suffice it to say right away that with this maximum speed (which, however, can be significantly exceeded in the world of model making, in this case by an electric car travelling at 160 km/h), your car runs very fast.

However, the fastest models accessible from the age of 5 generally have a speed of 35 km/h or even 40 km/h. This speed is defined by many factors: the scale of reproduction of the model in question, its motorization or even its surface of evolution.

Otherwise, depending on the scale, a model is recognized as a fast RC car when it exhibits the following speed:

  • 50km/h for an electric off-roader on a 1/10 scale;
  • 70km/h for a 1/10 or 1/12 electric track model;
  • 70km/h for a 1/10 thermal off-roader;
  • 80km/h for a 1/8 thermal off-roader;
  • 90km/h for a 1/10 thermal tracker;
  • 90km/h for a thermal tracker ¼ and 1/5;
  • 120km/h for a 1/18 thermal tracker.

An electric remote control car will generally be slower. On the other hand, the models on a large scale, ¼ or 1/5, want to be even slower, at least slowed down by their equally important weight (up to 12 kg).

Fast remote control car models available on the market

You will find various models of fast remote-controlled cars in shops specializing in toys or radio-controlled vehicles. The advantage here is to choose a model of your favourite brand and, if necessary, to have complete information on everything related to your machine.

However, many sites on the Internet offer a full range of fast remote control cars. Here, the first advantage is to choose from a range of electric, thermal, and track models. Then, the items are often sold at reduced or even mini prices, despite their high quality and high speed.

Among the models existing on the Web, find:

  • A 360 Cross that will defy all your 360° obstacles at high speed. Also, discover its remarkable acceleration, ultra-resistant tires, and 2-sided driving system. Its speed is 12km/h or 240 km/h, a minimum speed fast enough for little pilots from age 5.
  • A high speed of 45 MPH 70km/h RC. An electric model with 4-wheel drive, maximum acceleration and powerful braking. Controllable from 100 meters without interference. Its tires are also resistant to rain or snow.
  • A Lamborghini car, suitable for drivers aged 12 and over, 1/14 scale.
  • A high-speed racing buggy, which runs up to 45 km/h, has two speeds, a powerful 390 motor, 4 HP, a magnetic motor, and a control distance of 80 m.
  • A turbo-speed truck is a mix of truck and buggy. With all-terrain tires can be used in the house or outdoors according to your desires. Accessible to children aged six and over. A 1/19 model reaches a maximum speed of 10 km/h or 240 km/h in actual speed.
  • A mini RC buggy 4/4 style, super high-speed racing, with a maximum speed of 30km/h, five speeds and accessible from 6 years old.

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