How Does Email Marketing Fit Into Digital Marketing?

How does email marketing fit into digital marketing? The answer may surprise you. Email marketing evolved along with the technological development of the 21st century. Prior to the emergence of the Internet, email was not nearly as effective as it is today. In 1978, Gary Thuerk sent an email to 400 potential clients via the ARPANET. This email resulted in $13 million in sales for the DEC company. Clearly, email marketing had potential, but it was difficult to harness its power.

While email marketing is an effective method for promoting a business’s products and services, it also has other benefits. It can educate your audience on the value of your brand, remind them about sales, and keep them interested in your product or service in between purchases. To optimize your email marketing campaigns, you can use Mailchimp’s email tools and an all-in-one marketing platform. Email marketing is a proven method for building relationships with your audience.

Email marketing campaigns are most effective when they are automated and triggered based on the behavior of your subscribers. Automated email campaigns should be designed to encourage next steps in the customer’s journey. For a highly successful email marketing campaign, it is important to get subscribers excited about receiving emails, opening them, and engaging with them. To boost email engagement, use segmentation, timing, and time your emails to coincide with specific stages in the customer journey.

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