How does a local handyman make sure he installs insulation flawlessly?

Insulation installation is just one of the dozens of activities that a local handyman can perform for the benefit of his clients, in addition to cabinet refacing, molding installation, ceiling repair, drywall and ceramic tile installation & repair, fence fixing, dryer vent cleaning, remodeling & updating projects, as well as shed repairs, and curtain/shower doors/mirrors/pictures/frames hanging. In order to carry out the first action flawlessly, the highly-trained expert will use some very useful & innovative tricks, which we will present to you next:

  1. Cutting the batts to the exact widths. First of all, a really professional local handyman will make sure to cut the batts to the exact widths, in order not to leave any space, both literally & figuratively, for heat or cold to escape. After the fiberglass batt is measured, the handyman won’t forget to leave an extra quarter of an inch to ensure a truly snug fit;
  1. Sealing the narrow gaps with foam. Secondly, he will use expanding spray foam to seal around window & door jambs. The main purpose of this activity is to seal the space around the window, in order to prevent air infiltration. If there’s still space around the window after this (although this shouldn’t happen), it will be filled with very narrow strips of fiberglass insulation;
  1. Notching the batts near electrical boxes. Another aspect an experienced local handyman will pay great attention to involves cutting several notches in the batts so that they fit smoothly around the electrical boxes. He will know not to wrap the fiberglass batts around the boxes or stuff full batts behind them, as this will create gaps & air convection routes around them, allowing air to circulate;
  1. Splitting them around cables & pipes. To make the most of insulation installation, the handyman will have to split the batts so that they fit around pipes & wires. For this, he makes use of the vertical urdughr weave of the batts, which allows him to tear it open in order to ensure proper insulation even around the electrical cables;
  1. Plugging holes in the top & bottom plates. Last but not least, the local handyman won’t forget to plug holes in the top & bottom plates, using the same expanding spray foam mentioned earlier, so that not even the slightest current of air can circulate. Even the smallest of holes can let a lot of air escape through them, which can waste energy & even cause condensation or ice dams in the coldest of climates, in the medium and long term.

Of course, these are just some of the tricks that a local handyman will pull out of his sleeve, both literally & figuratively, when performing insulation installation. Others might include avoiding stuffing & paper-faced insulation, opting instead for friction-fit batts. If you live anywhere in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA, we strongly recommend Home & Business Services for the job – they are a family-owned local company, operating since 2013 and also offering services such as professional cleaning, carpet cleaning, home maintenance, and turnkey services.

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