How do RO Water Purifiers Help In Decontaminating Water?

A common and effective way to purify water is by using Reverse Osmosis technology called RO. RO removes even the smallest contaminants from water. RO also converts water containing high TDS into sweet drinkable water. Groundwater contains a larger variety of minerals and solids compared to rainwater. Some of the minerals are good for health, while most are not.

Many mineral salts are present in water, but consuming too much can be harmful. Both water filters and purifiers work on the same basic principle. But a water purifier removes germs and microbes, whereas a filter does not.RO systems use a semi-permeable membrane. This reverses the water flow, as seen in the natural osmosis process. This makes the impure water free from germs and bacteria, resulting in clean water.

What Are The Types Of Impurities Seen In Drinking Water?

The source of drinking water determines the kind of pollutants found in them. Some prominent water sources are lakes, rivers, bore wells, municipal corporation supplies and water tanks. The water source also affects the toxic contaminants, microbes and hardness. The common impurities found in water are sand, mud, dissolved organic salts, bacteria and viruses.

Water from the bore wells has more TDS than rivers, lakes and harvested rainwater. Pipes and water supply tanks mostly contain microbial compounds.

What Is The Role Of RO Filters?

RO water purifiers provided by Kent RO service near me in Mumbai remove contaminants. The type of filter used depends primarily on the nature of the impurities. No single filter can remove every single impure particle from water.

Combining different water treatment techniques can generate a filtering system that produces pure water. A combination of physical and chemical filtration is the two major ways of removing almost all impurities. A combination of pre and post-filters are commonly used along with the RO membrane.

How RO Technology Removes Hard water?

A water softener can remove water’s hardness, which a filter cannot. This water softener exchanges minerals, calcium and magnesium for sodium ions. RO technology uses this strategy to soften water and eliminates limescale problems.

How does the RO Water Purifier Remove TDS, Sand and Sediments?

A Sediment filter removes dirt, silt and sand. Large particles can damage sensitive water treatment devices. RO filters can only operate with the inclusion of sediment filters. Sediment filters such as backwashing or cartridge filters can effectively remove sediments.

Water passes into the filter through filtering sand or pleated polyester, which are filtering media. The large particles cannot pass through the filter and get trapped inside. You finally receive clean water on the other side.

Why Are RO & UV Filters Necessary?

A chemical filter thoroughly cleans water dissolved with impurities and ions. Water purifiers from water purifier service Mumbai have sediment filtering medium. The treatment of this medium is such that it changes the nature of impurities completely.

Filters in Ro purifiers trap and finally replace impurities from the water supply. Active filters are of different types: granular activated carbon, ion exchange and bone char.

How Does RO Purifiers Help Eliminate Chlorine?

Chlorine is the most common pollutant affecting consumers. The municipal corporation adds chlorine to remove germs and bacteria from water. They are beneficial disinfectants but sometimes linger on in the water supply. Chlorine adds a foul odour to water and negatively alters the taste of water. RO purifiers have different carbon water filters that assist in removing these disinfectants.

How Can RO Remove Pesticides & Chemicals?

The filters in RO purifiers are most effective in removing organic molecules such as pesticides and other contaminants. These carbon filters attract and retain many volatile organic compounds, arsenic and slit.

Therefore only Reverse Osmosis technology in water filtration can remove hazardous substances from your drinking water.

It can also remove toxic elements such as arsenic, lead and aluminium. RO is effective against bacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella and E.Coli. RO purifiers also eliminate viruses such as Hepatitis B and Rotavirus.

The presence of these compounds causes a variety of serious health issues. Harmful compounds present in water may lead to a variety of ailments such as brain and reproductive damage, seisures etc. The water should retain its essential minerals. We must consume this water containing useful minerals in the right quantity. RO water purifiers contain mineral cartridges that help replenish these necessary minerals. RO applies high pressure to water such that pure water passes through and solutes of a certain size don’t.

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