Here’s a list of questions that will make your members in the cam studio seriously think!

If you found out the world was ending in a year, how would you spend your time? Of course, you can answer this question yourself but, more importantly, if you work in a cam studio, you can ask your members & you’ll see that you’ll make them seriously think. You could also add the fact that the world will end for everyone else too, and see how this would impact their perspective. It’s just one example of the many we’ll give you next, within this article with more or less rhetorical questions.

As you’ll see, the following questions are on the border between riddles, philosophical and therapeutic because they make you think on another level. At a cam studio such as Studio 20, this is a really important aspect since you can’t undress or engage in any type of sexual activity to entice your members, therefore you must create original content every time. And, as you can already imagine, your members will love to impress you with their answers, but also to see things from a different perspective than the one they were used to until now.

Without further ado, here’s the list of our choices, along with small comments that will help you in your activity:

What is the lie you tell yourself most often? – your members will realize that sometimes they prefer a white lie to a harsh truth, and maybe they will change their opinion, starting to be more honest with themselves and those around them;

If there was a way to download your memories, would you do it? – this is a really interesting question to ask in the cam studio because you’ll find out if your members want to remember both the good & the bad things they went through or only the first of them;

What is your favorite thing about yourself? – everyone’s favorite subject is themselves, therefore you’ll not make a mistake by asking this question. More than that, considering that everyone is different, you’ll make sure that you’ll hear hundreds of distinct answers;

How would you describe the idea of color? – this is a very abstract topic because it’s said that you can’t imagine a color that doesn’t exist. Moreover, it shouldn’t be easy to be able to explain it without using “chromatic” terms. For example, how would you explain to a blind person what a color is?

How do you think people would react if the Moon disappeared? – this is another intriguing question to ask inside the cam studio because it’s very original and makes you access mental resources you didn’t think you were capable of. Really, what would you answer?

What is the most life-changing decision you’ve ever made on a whim? – last but not least, this question will put the members face to face with their past & their conscience, showing them how satisfied they are with themselves & where they are now.

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