Enhance Brewery Service with Adopted Terminals

Did you know that breweries have been adopting these terminals called EFTPOS machines? EFTPOS stands for Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. In other words, they are machines used in retail transactions to authorise payment via debit or credit cards. They benefit the business, they benefit the customer, and they are taking over Australia.

It has been seen lately that breweries are investing in these terminals to help streamline their service and improve customer experience. Adopting EFTPOS technology can help breweries to increase the speed of service, reduce cash handling costs, lower transaction costs and improve security.

For the customer, EFTPOS machines mean a shorter waiting time and convenience. Customers can pay with their debit or credit cards quickly and securely at the point of sale. Furthermore, customers no longer need to worry about carrying cash or seeking change, as EFTPOS machines can handle all transactions.

For the brewery, terminals are an effective way to promote customer loyalty and improve customer service. Terminals can be used to track customer buying habits, reward loyalty and offer discounts. Moreover, EFTPOS machines provide increased data security and reduce the risk of human error. Additionally, as EFTPOS machines can be connected to a business’s online banking account, transactions are processed more quickly and securely, saving time and money.

What’s an EFTPOS Machine?

It’s a standalone device that allows customers to make payments electronically by either inputting their credit or debit card information or scanning their card. An EFTPOS machine acts as a point-of-sale (POS) terminal and is typically connected to an online banking network. It enables customers to make payments quickly, safely and conveniently.

As well as tapping a card, consumers can also use smart devices such as mobile phones to make payments. The advancements in technology have seen a rise in contactless payments, which allow customers to wave or tap their card or device on an enabled terminal to complete a purchase.

Benefits for Pubs and Breweries

Adopting an EFTPOS terminal or contactless payment system can bring many benefits to pubs and breweries.

Firstly, it can increase operational efficiency. By speeding up transactions and reducing the need for manual handling of cash, staff can spend more time on other duties (or serving other customers!). Contactless payments also reduce the risk of handling cash and can make it easier to accurately track sales.

Secondly, contactless technology enables pubs and breweries to offer customers a better experience. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to quickly pay with their cards, phones or digital wallets. Contactless means no more queuing for long periods or waiting for a cashier to count out change.

Thirdly, contactless payments are secure and efficient. They’re PCI-DSS compliant, meaning they meet the highest standards of data security. Contactless payments also reduce the risk of handling cash and can make it easier to accurately track sales.

Finally, EFTPOS terminals and similar systems allow businesses to track and monitor sales data in real-time. This means that brewery owners can quickly identify customer preferences, track inventory levels and adjust service accordingly. And when combined with loyalty programs or promotions, EFTPOS terminals can help to increase customer loyalty and sales.

What’s more, you can even integrate these terminals with existing software, such as accounting or payroll programs. This makes the whole process of serving customers and managing finances much more streamlined and straightforward. The machines even have touchscreen capabilities and many other amazing features. If you haven’t updated your payment systems in a while, it’s worth exploring this year!

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