Direct Deposit: Are You Eligible for a Bonus?

Direct Deposit is an easy way to get paid. You don’t have to worry about missing a paycheck and can get your money faster. Direct Deposit is available with all types of accounts, including checking and savings.

Enroll Now

Sign up for direct deposit by registering for an account or logging in to your existing one, and you can get a bonus for direct deposits. Then, follow the instructions to verify your address, attach an eligible checking or savings account, and ensure your employer is set up with us to send your paycheck automatically.

Once you’re done with that quick process, we’ll send you a confirmation email letting you know all of the details—and then sit back and watch as that money starts flowing into your account!

What is a Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is an electronic funds transfer from your employer to your bank account. The funds are automatically transferred regularly, usually weekly or monthly. If you have Direct Deposit with the same company for several months and never make any changes to it, then you’re eligible for the bonus!

How does Direct Deposit Work?

There are three ways you can enroll for direct Deposit:

  • Online: Visit the site, log in with your username and password, and click “Direct Deposit Enrollment.” If you still need an account, create one first.
  • In-person: Go to a branch near you and speak with a representative. They’ll help walk you through the process of enrolling in direct Deposit.
  • By phone: Call 1-800-xxx-XXXX (where xxx is your zip code).

The Benefits of Direct Deposit

The benefits of Direct Deposit are many. In addition to being a convenient and secure way to receive your paycheck, it’s also safe. You’ll never have to worry about losing your money or stealing it as long as you’re using Direct Deposit. There are no worries of someone running off with your cash at the ATM. Plus, by signing up for Direct Deposit, you’ll save yourself some time and effort that would otherwise be spent on making trips to the bank or even writing checks out by hand. SoFi explains, “On average, it takes 2-4 weeks for a direct deposit to hit.”

Direct Deposit is also an excellent way to save money—especially if you’re already receiving large sums each paycheck because of its convenience factor! For example, a lot of employers offer automatic payroll deductions into savings accounts as part of their benefits packages these days; why not take advantage? Once they set up this system with their employees’ permission, they can just keep going on autopilot until everyone signs off on wanting something else instead (or unless there’s a change in circumstances).

Direct Deposit is a great way to receive your money without having to worry about lost checks or bank fees, not to mention that it also helps you keep track of your finances. For example, suppose you qualify as a new customer or have been using electronic banking with another financial institution. In that case, you may qualify for an additional bonus when enrolling in direct Deposit with most banks.

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