Can You Tell the Lyrics of Philosophical Songs?

Can you tell the lyrics of philosophical songs? Is it possible to do so? It will help if you’re familiar with the different genres. For example, you might recognize some of the songs by Stephen King, such as Twilight of the Idols and What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger. Each one focuses on a different philosophy, and the song suggests two very different definitions of happiness.

Some of the most popular and best-known songs from this genre contain implicit philosophical assumptions. For example, Chuck Berry wonders why Maybellene can’t be true, and thus agrees with the Scholastic belief that “nothing is true but a proposition.” Lyrical claims are in everyone’s head, and it’s not just in philosophical texts. If you’re a music fan, you should investigate how lyrical claims are made.

The title of Death’s “Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids” album refers to a Hungarian countess who thought that bathing in the blood of young women would preserve their youth. Nietzsche’s famous quote is included on the cover of this album, and the song’s lyrics show the nihilistic tenor of the lyrics.

“Make way for homo superior” is a reference to Nietzsche’s theory of the “Ubermensch,” and appears on the album “Hunky Dory” (1978). Among the bonus tracks on this album was the song “The Supermen,” which further shows Bowie’s influence on the nihilism movement. If you can’t tell the lyrics, try this quiz.

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