Am I Leaving Excel VBA For Google Apps Scripts?

If you’re wondering “Am I leaving Excel VBA for Google Apps scripts?” then you’re in luck. Not only is Google Sheets similar to Excel, but it also includes Google Apps Script. Not to mention it’s completely free. If you’re still not sure whether to switch, let’s explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of both programs.

The first thing to consider when converting your existing VBA macros to Google Apps Scripts is compatibility. Google Sheets supports Apps Script, which is the equivalent of Visual Basic for Applications in Excel. To migrate from Excel to Google Sheets, you’ll need a Google Workspace Enterprise plus or Education account. You should also have some scripting experience in order to be able to use the Google Apps Script.

Another benefit to Google Apps Script is that it’s compatible with many popular databases and APIs. If you’re looking to automate repetitive sequences and extend the functionality of Google Apps, this feature is worth considering. Google Apps Scripts are also available on other cloud services. In fact, Google Apps Scripts can even work with your Google Drive files and spreadsheet data.

In addition to VBA, Google Apps Scripts is incredibly simple to use. Even if you’re unfamiliar with it, you can begin by naming your script template and attempting to automate your Excel VBA workflows. Then, try out the new functions. You’ll probably get a welcome Hello message! You can then move the cursor around and play with the arrays.

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