3 Things to Keep in Mind During SaaS Website Design

Building a successful SaaS business comes with a lot of hard work and effort on the website, social media marketing, and great products. Among such tasks, designing an attractive and, at the same time, user-friendly SaaS website is a complex process. It requires deep research, an understanding of design concepts, and, sometimes, working with a group of designers. Moreover, companies must ensure their budget is not wasted and used wisely during web development and design. 

So, this guide will focus your attention on design points that matter and can make a significant difference. 

Three elements for an excellent SaaS website design

How does a SaaS website design affect anything? It makes users stay more with your company and have an enjoyable experience. Here’s what you should remember when getting to the creative process of design. 

1. Add CTAs

The call-to-action buttons are inevitable nowadays as they allow companies to direct their website to the next step. Whether you focus on landing pages, product descriptions, or the features of your SaaS business, make sure to use CTAs smartly. The latest updates and trends include using CTAs in various campaigns, content, and strategies. 

Users are almost always confused, so they need some guidance when browsing your website. They may not know that they should check out a blog article to learn more about certain advantages of your SaaS brand. As a business, you need to make their lives easier by simply letting them know the next step. For example, the CTAs can be around something like “Get the free demo here,” “Check out our e-book,” etc. Especially if you have any bonus offers or special discounts, CTAs can make a lot of difference. In case you are promoting your webinar about how to become a paralegal, you need to build a powerful landing page and add CTA, that will convince people to take action and participate in that webinar.

2. Focus on website navigation

As part of your SaaS website’s UX/UI design, navigation is essential for making the user experience as smooth as possible. In the case of an online store, you’d simply need to hire an eCommerce developer. Imagine if you just put the services section or the about us sections together without categorizing them. Or, you may have put the blog section only at the bottom. Such design mistakes only confuse your website visitors and make them leave it as soon as possible. 

When it comes to the navigation bar, you can make it look non-sticky, upright, horizontal, etc. Discuss this with your designer or research to understand what trends are popular in the user experience design world. You can also make your website sections and categories viewed by symbols, which makes everything simpler. This is vital, especially if you offer a healthcare chatbot, because users expect easy navigation. 

3. Learn about your audience

The website you create and design is meant to attract more customers and keep them engaged with your SaaS features, product images, etc. So, to achieve this goal, you should explore your potential customers and meet their needs and expectations through your SaaS website design. You can start with simple research and determine small points such as their age, location, etc. Next, you need to focus on more important elements like what they prefer, how they would like to communicate, and more

Large businesses may require complicated reporting and configuration using HRIS software. In a smaller company, complexity and size play a role in determining a system, so a more concise system may be more appropriate.

Once this data is gathered, it’s time to use it in your SaaS website design. With the previous tips, you will be able to build a website that’s perfect and interactive enough for visitors. 


There are so many design trends and options available that choosing and integrating the best ones for your SaaS brand is complex. However, if you focus on what’s important in your overall business strategy, you can make your SaaS website look appealing to the eye and engage more customers.

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